Multiacabados, Maderas y Muebles is a company that manages integrated services of construction. Some of the services provided by the company are remodeling, designing, planning, supervision, false walls and ceilings, textures, painting, waterproofing, blacksmith´s trade, electric services, plumbing, etc.

The company offers a great customer service covering the basic needs of a house as well as the Technical requirements for a major construction.

Our goal is to be the best company available that provides services related to the creation of beautiful and comfortable environments, achieving total customer satisfaction. Furthermore, Multiacabados, Maderas y Muebles is also concerned in the intellectual and productive capacity of our employees, due to that our company offers to every team member professional opportunities and personal growth ensuring a good quality life.

Multiacabados, Maderas y Muebles was founded in 1990, as a company specialized in cement base textured finishes, painting and waterproofing. In 1991, the company started to offer the service of masonry and the installation of floor and tile.

In 1992, our staff was trained to install textured finish manufactured from resin, event that, along with the creation of the Drywall Walls and Ceiling Installation Department, became a milestone in the company's history.

Despite our statistics were continually on the rise, we realized that we needed to do something else to keep growing. In 1996 we made the next big leap forward by providing carpentry services. Because of that, obviously our team grew, not to mention our customers.

This challenge involved many things to be learn and as a result of this experience we have even more solutions to offer. Today, our company has grown considerably, and now is called Multiacabados, Wood and Furniture, Inc.

Throughout our history we have provided many services, among them, masonry, electrical, plumbing, plaster, iron, aluminum and everything needed for the building, but during our first 18 years we were focused on the field of finishes, operating basically as a finishing, partition walls, ceilings and woodwork contractor even when we were providing remodeling services.

In 2008, Multiacabados, Wood and Furniture, Inc. was restructured in order to become builders, creating a building department and creating a new logo, one logo for Construction and other one for Decor.

Currently, we are builders with a wide variety of specialties, which allows us to provide services to a wide range of customers. Our company can handle a large-scale construction project with the speed and efficiency required at competitive prices and when it is required we offer furniture repair services, no matter the size of the furniture.


Our mission is to provide services for beautification and use of space, creating pleasant environments for customer satisfaction.


To be the best company available in the region that provides high quality Comprehensive Services, ensuring quality and timely delivery but also enhancing the living standards of our people, with social responsibility and protecting the environment.

Multiacabados, Wood and Furniture, Inc. is member of several associations, which allow us to be always up-to-date and sign agreements with suppliers, and get certifications and other benefits.

La Cámara Nacional de Comercio, Servicios y Turismo de la Ciudad de México (CANACO), is an institution of public interest, with legal personality, own equity and autonomic management, which provides services to trade, services and tourism employers of Mexico City.

La Cámara Mexicana de la Industria de la Construcción (CMIC), is an institution which aims to represent the issues related to the mexican construction industry in general, and to advocate on behalf of the entrepreneurs ' interests.

La Confederación Patronal de la República Mexicana (COPARMEX)) is a company union whose membership is voluntary, which brings together entrepreneurs from all sectors, looking through his ??representation in the workplace and society.

Calidad Sonora is a program implemented in companies through training and consulting organization which carried out a series of management practices that contribute to development in four basic aspects of the organization:

  • Management System
  • Process Improvement
  • Human Capital
  • Diagnosis and Information System in decision-making