Rolling Shutters

The rolling shutters are the latest technology in the world - both in mechanisms as well as solar protection shutters - due of its technical characteristics such as its UV filter, unique in its kind besides they are very easy to operate.

Rolling shutters are the perfect solution for the modern and minimalist architecture; their blinds can cover large windows which can be motorized for your comfort and ease. Rolling shutters also have UV rays filters to avoid that sun affect or discolored your furniture, fabrics and wood floors, even black out fabric (darkening) and the bamboo natural beauty being made ??by hand.

  • Screen Roll. It gives us a totally clean exterior views and privacy from outside to inside. They are excellent to control the sun and they are easy to clean.
  • Translucent fabrics. It allows us to have light without losing privacy brightness, giving us our own space.
  • Fabrics Black Out. It blocks the light travelling toward the interior, giving us the recommended darkness in rooms, screening rooms and any other area where you need to block the sun.